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Looking 4 Roomies, Snohomish/Lake Stevens, WA Area

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Dirus ( my X ) and I are looking for potential roommates.

We have one opening in the house ( 1000+ SF, fairly small room ) and an area for someone to live in their own RV. We’ve got 2.5 acres. Pets are possible, even potentially farm animals.

>>>>> Please read this LJ post for more detailed information -> <<<<<<<

Wolf J Lupus
whitepaws heashot

Bellfurs PCD Party!

Hey Everyone!

The Bellfurs are having a PCD Party this Saturday! Come over and relieve your post con woes with furiends and drinks!

When: Saturday, October 2nd - Starting @ 1pm
Where: Bellfurs House - for directions

Hope to see you all there!
maly and jondi


Rainfurrest! It's in a month or something!? Do you want to frolic among the animal people in your very own animal costume? AS AN ANIMAL PEOPLE YOURSELF?!

I'm moving. I have too many animal people costumes! Here's where you come in.

If you're around 5'5"-6'2" tall and are on the skinnier side of things, you could have your very own animal people costume for the low low price of whatever you feel like paying me, even if you don't feel like paying anything. I will take pretty much any offer, you just need to somehow come get this giant costume off of my hands. As of Monday, I'll be located in Lynnwood, conveniently right off of the bus line on Hwy 99.

This suit has seen multiple conventions (AC, FC, RF) and is in a very used condition, but shouldn't need any major repairs for a while yet. The bottoms of the feet are slightly dirt colored, but otherwise the seams on everything seem to be holding up pretty decently.

Still want the suit but are afraid you're too heavy to wear it? Cut the arms off of the bodysuit and make it a partial.

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whitepaws heashot

Bellfurs May Furmeet!

Bellfurs May Furmeet!

When: Saturday - May 22 @ 1pm to 9pm

Where: Bellfurs House! - for directions

Theme: Margaritaville!

Please read the updated rules page on

Please bring a few bucks to donate. A few bucks goes a long way in providing food and drink for everyone.

I hope to see you all there!


need rescue

hi fuzzies! just wondering if anyone has a room or something avaliable. really need to get out of my moms place, cant stand it here anymore, she's driving me nuts. my credits not the best, i do have a stable income since i get ssd. anyone willing to assist me?

i can offer monitary conpensation if needed. i can be reached via aim: ampedoutferret and on #seattlefurs : Tweek