meat on wheels (crankycoyote) wrote in pugetsoundfurs,
meat on wheels

Looking for a room

Greetings, anybody out there reading this. I'm in the process of moving to Seattle, and I'm looking for a short-term living arrangement (6 month lease to start). Does anybody out there have a room to let that's somewhat close to the north side of town? Ideally I'm looking for somewhere close-ish to Northgate and NSCC, but anywhere from Ballard to Shoreline would work.

I don't have much stuff there right now, although I'd love to split a garage with somebody who doesn't mind a motorcycle or two. I'm clean, quiet, and most of my time is spent working as a consulting software developer. References available on request. I'm not the partying type, but don't mind folks that are, and I'm pretty laid back about everything except cigarette smoking in the house.

Also, are there any mailing lists out there for local furs? I haven't had much luck finding any, or at least any with active-enough moderation to approve a subscribe request.
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