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Looking for a room

Greetings, anybody out there reading this. I'm in the process of moving to Seattle, and I'm looking for a short-term living arrangement (6 month lease to start). Does anybody out there have a room to let that's somewhat close to the north side of town? Ideally I'm looking for somewhere close-ish to Northgate and NSCC, but anywhere from Ballard to Shoreline would work.

I don't have much stuff there right now, although I'd love to split a garage with somebody who doesn't mind a motorcycle or two. I'm clean, quiet, and most of my time is spent working as a consulting software developer. References available on request. I'm not the partying type, but don't mind folks that are, and I'm pretty laid back about everything except cigarette smoking in the house.

Also, are there any mailing lists out there for local furs? I haven't had much luck finding any, or at least any with active-enough moderation to approve a subscribe request.
Devious Plan 1

Roommate Opening Soon ( Snohomish WA )

Our current house roommate is likely moving out mid to end of the month this next month ( Sept ).

If you or anyone you know might be interested in living here feel free to send them the link at the bottom and/or have them get in contact with me.

It's 450+ utilities, we live in 1000sf 3br house on 2.5 acres. We're in the three lakes area ( google it ).

Link ->

BBP RF Preorders

You can find me on FA here and here

These will be for PICKUP in the Dealer's Den. After the con the "at con" prices will become my normal prices. Keep this in mind! Payment can be taken at the con, but upfront is preferred! ^__^ These will be completed in August and September. Other than these I am not open for ANYTHING else.
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I'll also be doing sketches at the con, have a bunch of premade items, and maybe some other stuff.
Shoot me an email at blackberrypiecrafts at if interested!

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Seeking panels and panelists!


As we come closer to the convention, we are carefully working on our panels and such, and doing the things we do to make a great con better. But with a four day con, we have realized something: we don't have enough stuff to fill all four days.

So, this is where you come in as a member of the furry community. If you've ever had an idea for a panel or wanted to be on a panel, this would be a great time to get involved. So in short, send me your ideas!

A few guidelines for this:

* try and keep it more or less family friendly. It's not to say we don't want adult material, but remember that there are more daytime slots than nighttime slots - and those nighttime slots, where the adult panels are, will be up against the dances and such.

* consider the camping theme this year. It is not a requirement, but it doesn't hurt to have something that is vaguely related

* Provide a description with the name of the panel. If I had a panel called "spirits", well, is it about booze or ghosts?

* come up with more than one idea! Never hurts to do that.

And most importantly...

* Send this to me at this address, not to the list. No sense in spamming the list with this.

(A Rainfurrest programming tiger)

Game Furs?

Hey gang,

Who here has played the furry-containing game Ether Saga? If so, could you tell me if it is any good? Thanks

Ether Saga???

I have also 2 keys left for the upcoming closed beta for:

Rusty Hearts

As I'm not sure who actually would want to play, the first 2 two to ask will get the codes and url to activate them. The game is a free-to-play, and the closed beta starts on July 20th.

After Easter, Glow-In-The-Dark, All Ages Easter Egg Hunt.

Big name small event. We are hoping to have around 100+ people or more. Me and a few friends are creating a new event here in the Bellingham area towards the end of April. Thursday April the 28th just after dark 8PM in Cornwall Park. There will be three age groups all the way from the little ones to adult and everything in-between. Entry is $5 which gets you in, and in the hunt. All eggs have candy of course but for each age bracket (three age ranges) also have Golden prize eggs that are specially hidden, and often ultra challenging. This event is family friendly and all ages are invited. Costumes/fursuits are welcome, but as this is an outdoor event, come prepared for any of Washington's diverse weather situations!!

The Afterbunny's After Easter Glow-in-the-dark Easter Egg Hunt

What: After Dark, Glow in the dark, Easter Egg Hunt with three age ranges,
prizes and candy for each age range!

Who: Three Age Brackets 0-6 7-14 and 15-Up
Thats right, its After-dark Fun for Everyone!!
Space is limited to the first 100 people, so get here on-time!

Where: Cornwall Park in Bellingham Washington, Center parking lot.
Please think green, and carpool!!!

When: Thursday April the 28th Start time: As Dusk Falls at 8PM

How much: $5 a person, US Cash ONLY, no Canadian currency accepted
Need more info? Http://